This is a small sample of variety of projects Winters Electrical has taken part in.

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Remote Offgrid Power

15kW single phase, 26kW PV array, AC & DC coupling, 20kVA genset.

Remote Grid Connect

Two Fronius 15kW Symo with 35kW of PV modules.

Mid-scale Commercial Project

100kW Grid-connect, zero-export.
Module array 1

Large-scale commercial - Townsville.

* 300 kW solar * RSL Stadium * Ergon Energy Project
RSL Stadium - Townsville

Small-scale commercial - Cairns.

* Edge Hill Memorial Bowls Club, Cairns, Queensland. * 30kW PV solar grid-connect system. * Powering Club house. * Subcontracted by Naked Energy (Retailer)
Edge Hill - Powering Club House

Remote project - Fraser Island.

* Sandy Cape on Fraser Island Queensland * 12kW PV solar stand alone, off-grid system. * Powering Light House, Rangers Station and Volunteers accommodation. * Ergon Energy Project.
Sandy Cape

Remote project - Fraser Island.

* Dundubarra on Fraser Island, Queensland * 40kW PV Solar stand alone, off-grid system. * Powering 8 houses, water treatment plant, camping grounds and Rangers station. * Ergon Energy Project.

Remote project - Purnululu, North WA.

* Purnululu in North Western Australia. * 30kW PV solar stand alone, off-grid system. * Powering Ranger Station, Visitor Interpretive Centre. * Ergon Energy Project.
Purnululu - Powering Ranger Station

Remote project - Wind and Solar.

* Retreat Cattle Station * Jundah, Queensland * 15kW Wind Turbine * 40kW PV Solar

Large-scale Data Cabling - Townsville

* Law Courts * 700 nodes * Cat5 UTP structured cabling
Patch Panel